The Chubut board

I designed a new “flavor” of the Santa Cruz board that is basically the same circuit but with a smaller layout, such that I can place more of them simultaneously in the climate chamber, and also thinking in an easier mounting in the TCT with cooling. In the first tests I made yesterday, the board …

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Beta Timing Setup and Data Processing at UZH

NOTE: This post was originally published in this link. Matías Senger(matias.senger@cern.ch)On behalf of the UZH group: Anna Macchiolo, Riccardo del Burgo, Daniel Hernandez, Yuta Takahashi, Prof. Ben Kilminster 37th RD50 WorkshopNovember 20, 2020 UZH beta timing setup The UZH beta timing setup has the following block diagram: Hardware elements of the setup Bias voltage: CAEN …

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