Interconnecting together multiple pads in an AC-LGAD

AC-LGADs (also called RSD) have the particularity that the shape and distribution of the readout pads on the surface of the detector can be arbitrary. Up to now I have been only playing in the lab with AC-LGADs that have square pads arranged in a square matrix, see for example this post. I have been thinking for a while what happens if we change the shape and/or distribution of the pads in an AC-LGAD. Though this is not easy to study using devices that have already been produced (so the pads are already there), I tried a crazy test interconnecting multiple pads together. In the following document I present my results. Though the results don’t seem too good, I still share this because it was interesting and the presence of an intermittent noise in the lab when I was measuring could have made this worse than it really is.